Conversation Stations

conversation stations

Listen to the stories and experiences of a cross-section of Vermonters from our "Conversation Stations" at the Vermont History Museum in Montpelier.

Martha Pellerin
Musician and community organizer in the Franco-American community

As a child, what was it like to live in two cultures?

What do you hope to achieve with your music?

Angelo Ambrosini and Louisa Ambrosini Fuller
First generation Italian-Americans from Barre

As a child in pre-television days, what did you do for an evening's entertainment?

What was it like growing up in an ethnically mixed, multi-lingual neighborhood?

Why did your father choose to emigrate to Vermont?

What type of work did he do?

Why was he dead set against your going into the granite industry?

Why did you follow in his footsteps?

Sam Amidon
Fiddler, composer, and college student

Does being a Vermonter affect your music making?

What is your family's musical heritage?

Would you share a piece of traditional music with me?

What does your new music sound like?

Mali Keating
Abenaki historian and storyteller

After leaving Canada in the late nineteenth century, how did your family reestablish themselves in the Connecticut River Valley?

What was life on the farm like?

Alden Bettis
World War II veteran, Mad River Valley resident

What is the most significant change you've see in the Mad River Valley?

How is it possible for someone not to know how lights worked?

What is your earliest downhill ski memory?

Read Miller
Organic orchard owner

Farming is such a hard life - why would you want to do it?

What led you to convert the farm to organic?

What is the biggest threat in organic farming?

How do you remain calm when you face financial ruin if it rains for three days straight in the spring?

Philip H. Hoff
Democrat, Burlington, House (1961), Senate (1983-89), Governor (1963-69)

"Reapportionment... it changed the nature of the Legislature."

Louise R. Swainbank
Republican, St. Johnsbury, House (1971-1981)

"You have to be honest about your own positions."

Sarah T. (Sallie) Soule
Democrat, Charlotte/Shelburne, House (1977-1985)

"It was a searing experience in my life."

"Waiting for the ballot count."

Harvey D. Carter, Jr.
Republican, later Democrat, Pownal/Bennington, House (1969-71)

"I wish the rest of the world were run like Vermont."

Madeleine May Kunin
Democrat, Burlington, House (1973-79), Lt. Governor (1979-83), Governor (1985-91)

"I'm gonna get involved with politics."

Robert T. Gannett
Republican, Brattleboro, House (1953-59), Senate (1973-93)

"Open for Discussion."

"Finding the Middle Ground."

"Porcupine Ears."

Ralph G. Wright
Democrat, Bennington, House (1979-95), Speaker of the House (1985-95)

"We've got trouble."

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