Virtual History for Homeschoolers

Virtual History for Homeschoolers Registration

For our 2024-2025 Homeschoolers season, we will be offering a special series of virtual History for Homeschoolers classes. This option will feature one introductory activity to do at home and one activity we do together during a Zoom session.

The Zoom sessions will be offered the second WEDNESDAY of each month, September 2024 through May 2025, 10:00-10:45. Class materials will be shared the Monday prior to the Zoom class.

Recommended for children ages 7 to 12. Some activities involve reading and writing. Pre-registration is REQUIRED; space is limited.

Each session includes history-related activities that focus on the month's theme through a google classroom. 

This year, we will be implementing a subscription model for our classes. This subscription will include registration for all History for Homeschooler classes, September to May. Cost for standard registration will be $72 per child, or $48 for Vermont Historical Society Members or families with three or more participating children. Parents and non-participating children are free.

Please contact for alternative payment options. 

Special considerations:

  • Class size will be limited to 12 students per session.
  • Students are encouraged to attend the Zoom class live and with camera on.
  • Classes will be recorded and made available only to registered participants.
  • Students are encouraged to do the introductory activity prior to the class. Materials will be shared the Monday before the class session.

September- Back to School: Education in Vermont

Explore the history of education and the development of schoolhouses across the state.

October- Harvest Time: Agriculture and Farming in Vermont

Celebrate fall by learning about the long tradition of harvesting and food storage in Vermont.

November- Foraging and Trapping: Subsistence Hunting in Vermont

Explore how Vermonters across time periods collected food and learn about the many uses for animal products.

December- Cold and Dark: Wintertime in Vermont

Learn how Vermonters entertained themselves during the long winters, from parlor games to radio programs by the woodstove.

January- Let it Snow: Winter Recreation in Vermont

Learn about the history of skiing, coasting, and other favorite outdoor winter activities enjoyed by Vermonters and visitors.

February- Celebrate: Holidays in Vermont

Examine the ways holidays and commemorations have changed throughout the years and how Vermonters have celebrated special events.

March- Sugar Season: Sap Collection in Vermont

Learn about sap collection and maple syrup production across the state. Explore the national image of Vermont maple, as well as related inventions and traditions.

April- In the Mills: Sheep and Wool Production in New England 

Explore the arrival of Merino sheep in Vermont and their impact on the region’s mill industries.

May- Rainy Days: Water in Vermont

Learn about the various bodies of water around the state and how they have shaped the story of Vermont.

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